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Vacation Plant Waterer Self Irrigation Watering System  Cone Watering Spikes 8pcs

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Most Easy Use Plant Watering Device for Your Houseplant .A simple and effective way to water your plants when you are away or have no time to take care of your plants.

Garden watering device, provide water straight to the plants roots,suitable for most plants.Easy flow control means your plants receive the correct amount of water.You can also put water and fertilizer into a bottle,then use the water spike to deliver the ultimate nourishing fluid.

Just wet them for a couple of minutes to prepare the tips, then insert the probes into the soil of your potted plants and place the hose ends in a water reservoir nearby. It works automatically-The vacuum created as the water is drawn into the dry soil, then the vacuum can pulls more water in through the supply hose.

How to use: as the soil dries, the ceramic cone delivers water gradually into the surrounding earth; Thereby create a vacuum within the cone which draws water from the nearby container of water; Once the soil is moistened enough, the watering stake will cease flowing water

● Specifications:

- Color: White

- Material: PVC, PP, Ceramic

- Length: 4.3" / 11cm

- Diameter: 1.2" / 3cm

● Operation: 

1. Put the earthen part of the product into the water soak for 15 minutes. 

2. Prepare a water containers filled with water (a narrow bottle, such as mineral water bottles). 

3. Make sure the pottery pieces filled with water, because the green plastic cover tightly with the pottery pieces. 

4. Stick cone piece a little bit into the soil of plant. 

5. Then it will automatically bring water into the other end of the container, to the plants. 


1. In order to watering better, put the bottle watering device level below the high end of the green plastic cover. 

2. Please note the demand of each plants and pots size,and uses the appropriate pieces of watering devices.

3. If failure to water your plants, please repeat the above operation steps. 

4. After months of using, the ceramic piece parts need to be cleaned so as not to affect the effect of continue-using. 

● Package Content: 

6 x Plant Watering Device 

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Vacation Plant Waterer Self Irrigation Watering System Cone Watering Spikes 8pcs

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