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Author: TheGeeksAtticTop

  • Review Add on: 17/03/2019
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I didn’t really know what to expect from a 20 dollar headset… but seriously, I love this headset! Ive been using it for a little over a week as of this review. The sound is bright and full, it took me into the world I was playing in, with surround sound that I didn’t expect.

The microphone sounds great, You can be the judge of the mic by watching/listening to the voiceover in the video version of this review... because I used the headset mic while editing the video. I like how the mic arm is flexible making it easy to adjust. The remote on the cable has an on off switch for the mic and a volume control for the headphones.

The padding around the ears and for the top of your head truly is comfortable, and the padding reduces noise going on around you in the real world. The lights on the outside of the headset come on when the usb cable is pluged in to a power source.

For 20 bucks, this headset is a steal! I highly recommend this headset!

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