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Author: verified & attempting to catch up

  • Review Add on: 05/05/2019
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I work on a computer most of the time, and found that I was experiencing some discomfort at my wrist, from making too many “clicks” on a standard two button mouse. I also had pain in my shoulder, and needed to get some relief. I had never used a vertical mouse before, but this mouse had a good rating, and was also on sale, so I went with it.

Using a vertical mouse felt a little strange at first, but it did not take long to get very comfortable with using one. Being wireless provides great freedom and flexibility, and the level of control and response is very good most of the time.

It is really amazing that just a slight turn of the wrist can make such a great difference in the amount of strain I feel on the tendons on the back of my hand, and my wrist also feels more relaxed. The benefits of using a vertical mouse are now very apparent. I was using a gel pad below the wrist, but I do not need it since I switched to the vertical mouse.

I really enjoy using this mouse, and purchased another so I can use one both at work and at home. It is powered by a pair of AAA batteries (not included), and there is a power switch on the bottom.

If you are experiencing pain in your mouse operating arm, you might want to seriously consider trying a vertical to see if it helps. A slight twist of the wrist just might make a big difference.

Author: Bruina07

  • Review Add on: 06/04/2019
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Amazing mouse. I have a weak base thumb as a result of three pregnancy swells and typing for work. I had to find something other than going to therapy weekly for the pain relief. I bought this after it made sense to me that the way you hold this mouse is like the relaxed hand position. I paired this with a slanted ergonomic keyboard and the pain is a lot less. I type extensively for work and I love this mouse. In the year that I've owned it, I've had to change the battery once. The cursor movement is real smooth and the side thumb buttons are super helpful.

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