IPL Hair Removal System, Epilator lescolton home electric painless digital epilator permanent hair removal equipment LCD screen
IPL Hair Removal System, Epilator lescolton home electric painless digital epilator permanent hair removal equipment  LCD screen

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About this product

  • The IPL permanent hair removal device uses professionally intense pulsed light (IPL technology can break the hair papilla in the pores to achieve permanent hair removal.
  • Fast, efficient processing quickly allows you to take care of it for only 30 minutes in the arms and legs, bikini line, underarm, back and chest). More than 80% of the hair is embedded for 2 months and hair-growth prevents 4 to 6 months of use, allowing you to last long and efficient hair-removal results.
  • 3 function and 2 operating modes 3-in-1 laser hair removal motor – suitable for hair removal skin regeneration acne-repair. 2 automatic and manual hair removal tools – shooting automatically works 30% faster than manual.
  • Painless Laser Epilator and Flash LCD Display The LCD display clearly shows the remaining energy level and time. 5 can adjust the optimal energy level according to skin tolerance. It is easy to not harm the skin for a soft, painless treatment effect. Be careful not to use equipment that has dark brown or black red gold-gray or white hair.
  • Convenient to use safe and secure, gentle and sensitive to sensitive skin and body. There is no effect on normal sweat and oil secretion. Dual voltage 100 – 240 V travel is available worldwide. It is very convenient for men and women to use hair removal at home.

Contains: a hair removal lamp head, a skin rejuvenation lamp head, a main unit, a manual, a charger, and a goggle

 Weight 29.0 cm * 19.0 cm * 9.0 cm 1.1KG

The principle of the hair removal device is mainly to use the laser to let the hair follicle enter the dormant period, so as to achieve the purpose of no longer growing the hair. At present, there are household hair removal instruments and professional medical hair removal in hospitals. Note that laser hair removal cannot be used at the scar and the sputum, otherwise it will be dangerous.

 Precautions after hair removal: Keep your skin moisturized and moisturized

Care after depilation: After depilation, the skin tends to become dry, not to mention in the fall, so the moisturizing work should be carried out continuously. Because skin education is fragile after hair removal, the choice of moisturizing products should be very cautious. Try to choose natural ingredients, hypoallergenic formula, and soft and moisturizing lotion.

 Note after hair removal: avoid direct sunlight

After depilation care: the skin is forbidden to contact the sun after hair removal, the ultraviolet light can directly damage the hair follicle for the second time, it is difficult to easily produce melanin to cause the garbage to precipitate, so that the small black spots will grow. Although you should use sunscreen, you should never use sunscreen. Try to stay indoors and use some physical sunscreen.

Note after depilation: reduce the use of whitening products

Care after depilation: After depilation, the skin is very fragile. Try not to use too much skin care. Many MMs love to use sunscreen. In fact, this is not acceptable. If you want to whiten your skin, there are many ways to choose some natural whitening methods, such as white vinegar whitening method. Add a small amount of white vinegar during bathing. It can naturally and safely whiten and inhibit the growth of hair.

Precautions after hair removal: avoid spicy food and keep the diet light

After depilation care: Pay attention to the diet after hair removal, try to eat some light food, avoid spicy food, some allergic food can not eat, such as seafood. Must eat more fruits

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IPL Hair Removal System, Epilator lescolton home electric painless digital epilator permanent hair removal equipment LCD screen

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