Whiskey Glass Shopping – Types of Whiskey Glasses You Should Know About

Whiskey Glass Shopping – Types of Whiskey Glasses You Should Know About

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Spirits and wine experts can talk for hours without end about how to get the best experience out of these drinks. Paradoxically, there are extensive notes as well as historical expositions on how things ought to be done when it comes to getting the most out of drinking wines and spirits, but what is even more amazing is that when all is said and done, the very same experts who take endless hours in such arguments are the same people who come to agree that there is no right or wrong way when it comes to enjoying your whiskey.

However, one thing which has always stood out irrespective of how heated the debates are is that you won't enjoy our whiskey in just any kind of glassware. Consequently, it is imperative to know as much you can about whiskey glasses so that you have the ability to make the right purchases when you go out shopping for some.

Types of whiskey glasses

Whether you are buying for a home bar or bar business, knowing the different types of whiskey glasses will guide your choice of purchase and let you use the right kind of glass depending on the kind of whiskey you are taking or the desired drinking experience. As you already know, whiskey is not like beer which you can drink from any container, including beer jugs.

Whiskey drinkers tend to have very refined tastes and cultures, and this is why the knowledge of the glass types is very important.

Here is a brief look at some of the whiskey glass types you should consider when shopping for the glasses-:

The Whiskey Tumbler, aka rocks glass

This is the old-fashioned whiskey glass and is usually the standard choice used by millions for serving and drinking whiskey. Most of these glasses have a capacity of between 7 and 12 Oz and they can be used for serving different kinds of whiskeys such as whiskey cocktails, whiskey on the rocks, or whiskey neat.

The glass is designed with a wide rim to make it possible and easy to mix ingredients or add stones or ice cubes. Additionally, it comes with a very thick base which makes it possible to muddle the non-liquid contents without necessarily using a shaker or a mixer.

The Shot Glass

Just as the name suggests, the shot glass is designed for drinking small amounts of whiskey very first and without any ice or stones. As such, they are the perfect choice of glasses if you are shopping for whiskey glasses for high volume bars. Their small design also makes them ideal for controlling portions and to help the bartenders not to waste the liquor. They also have a very thick base who primary function is to protect them from breaking even when they are misused by rowdy revelers.

The Shooter Glass

The cordial whiskey glass is a variation of the shot glass and it is usually the preferred choice for layered or double shots. Most customers and the bartenders find it more satisfying to have the have double shots in a cordial whiskey glass compared to serving the same in a rocks glass. These glasses also allow for more whiskey creativity since it has more room for garnish and ingredients than what you will normally find in the traditional whiskey glasses.

The Cordial Glass

The cordial whiskey glass is almost similar to the shot glass, though their primary designs and purpose are to serve very strong spirits without ice. They are typically stemmed, and this makes it easy for guests to hold them and walk with them as they mingle with other revelers in the floor. This is a perfect choice of glass if you needed a solution for serving whiskey during catering, businesses parties or in the banquet hall.

The Highball Whiskey Glass

These glasses are named after the highball cocktails since they are the preferred glasses for serving such cocktails. Just like the rocks whiskey glass, highball whiskey glasses have thick bases to allow for easy muddling of ingredients. The thick bases also help them have more stability to prevent unnecessary spills. Due to their heights, they are the preferred choice for serving cocktails with a large volume of a non-alcoholic mixer.

Snifter Whiskey Glasses

Snifter whiskey glasses are for seasoned whiskey drinkers who want nothing but the real and authentic whiskey drinking experience. These glasses are shot, stemmed, with a narrow top and a wide bottom. The bottom fits comfortably when held in the hand which also makes it possible for the drink to be warmed when being swirled by the hand. With them, the drinker is able to have a great feel for the whiskey when they smell the vapor as they raise the glass to take a sip. These are the glasses to go for if you want a means of slowly savoring top range whiskey brands or for general whiskey tasting.