Bathroom Sink Faucet Shopping Guide

Bathroom Sink Faucet Shopping Guide

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If you are in the market shopping for a bathroom sink faucet, you ought to exercise some degree of caution with your options so that you end up with the most appropriate choice. Bathroom sink faucets are available in a variety of styles and designs, and since this is something you will be looking forward to using for several years to come, it is imperative to take your time and consider your options keenly so that you end up with a faucet you will be pleased to use every time you are in the small, but important room.

Here are some of the factors you should consider-:

The type of mounting

You should know that not all bathroom faucets will be compatible with every sink, and this is where the mounting type becomes an important factor of consideration when shopping for a bathroom sink faucet. Some of the mounting types to consider include-:

  • Centerset bathroom faucets – these faucets are designed for bathroom basins which have three holes, with the handles being four inches apart. The handles and the spout are all combined on a single base unit. It is also possible to find some with two handles, all mounted onto a six-inch plate.
  • Single hole faucets – these may have one or two handles.
  • Wall mounted faucets – these are available for freestanding or above-the-counter basins which need long spouts to allow for extended reach. This option will never be ideal for basins which have predrilled holes since they need a separate drain and valve installation.
  • Vessel Faucets – Vessel bathroom faucets are taller and they are primarily designed for a vessel sink, which will in most cases be installed higher than the other sink types. Most of them will have just a single handle.

The construction of the faucet

After considering the type of mounting of the bathroom sink faucet, the next consideration should be on the construction of the faucet. As far as the construction is concerned, every faucet will always have an inner valve whose job is to control the flow of water coming from the spout. It is vital to consider the quality of this valve as it will have an effect on the reliability and durability of the faucet, irrespective of whether or not they are fitted with the washer. It is recommended that you should go for faucet options made from brass-based alloys, pure brass or those with corrosion-resistant finishing.

The Faucet Finishing

In as much as you need a functional bathroom faucet that will treat you to great convenience in the bathroom, you should also consider the finishing as this will not just increase your overall likeability of the faucet, but may also add to the beauty and ultimately to the ambiance of the bathroom.

Though most of the bathroom faucets are made from brass, they are usually available in several finishes such as polished brass, brushed chrome, powder-coated enamel, gold plating, stainless and pewter finishes. Depending on the finishes, you will also find them available in a variety of colors which will give you the versatility to choose the color that will be most suitable to the desired deco in your bathroom.

Bathroom faucet control options

When it comes to the simple act of turning the faucet to start or stop water flow, there are a variety of options you may consider. The greatest take away as far as the control options are concerned is that you should think about who will be using the faucet most of the times, and then choose an option that will make it possible for them to handle the faucet without any stress. As far as the control mechanism is concerned, here are some of the options worth considering-:

  • Joystick – the control system is almost similar to that of a lever and it comes with a different range of motion to let you control the outflow of water.
  • Knobs – these are just like the normal door knobs and operates in a similar way when opening or shutting down the flow.
  • Lever handles – these are usually x-shaped or in the form of a cross, a design which makes them easy to turn. They are available in many decorative styles and you can always choose them according to the kind of theme you desire to have in your bathroom.
  • Push-buttons – with these, all you have to do is push the buttons on and off to open and shut the flow of water.
  • Touchless – these are motion activated and they don’t have any knobs or handles. All you have to do is place your hand under the spout and the water will start to flow automatically. You remove your hand under the spout and the water stops flowing.

The other considerations you may make when shopping for a bathroom sink faucet include LED lights for extra beauty, water efficient designs, and the decorative elements amongst others.